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Day Through Night Cleaning is dedicated to providing exceptional, customized cleaning solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment. Call or Text us to get an estimate.

Serving a Wide Range of Industries in Nashville, TN

Day Through Night Cleaning is dedicated to creating pristine, secure, and healthy environments for all. Our team of professionals is equipped with the expertise to clean any facility, ensuring exceptional service with every task. Whether you have a single location or multiple sites, we stand ready to deliver our superior standard of cleanliness consistently. With years of experience in janitorial and commercial cleaning across diverse industries, our tailored custodial programs are designed to precisely meet the unique needs of your facility and business, taking into account factors such as building design and usage. Reach out to us at 615-435-9735 to receive a complimentary quote and explore affordable commercial cleaning solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Car Dealerships

Great auto-buying experiences start with stellar first impressions. Every time a customer walks into your store, they must be met with a clean & tidy showroom and service center in order to make every impression great. The cleaning services we provide complement the image you are trying to project & assist in boosting your dealership’s reputation.
New cars at dealer showroom
Industrial building interior

Industrial, Manufacturing, & Warehouses

Large manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse buildings have their own requirements for cleaning, and we’re here to help ensure your space’s needs are met. Dust and germs build up in every nook and cranny, and regular cleaning can mean all the difference for a truly professional workplace. No matter the type of operation, we can help with the cleaning needs to ensure the health and safety of all your staff, whether in private offices or on large open floors.

General Office Spaces

Whether you have a large team or see a lot of foot traffic each day, the way your space ‘feels’ upon first impression and on a lasting basis will determine how your space is perceived and your brand. A professional office cleaning service Nashville with the experience, technique, and systems to properly take care of your space are essential to your quality equation. By providing your employees & visitors with a clean & safe space to thrive, you increase productivity, elevate your brand’s perception, & effectively raise your bottom line.
modern style Office nashville
Hospital surgery corridor

Medical Facilities

Medical cleaning goes way beyond outward appearance. Therefore, a simple ‘surface clean & pickup’ isn’t enough for running a reputable & successful medical office. We clean with health & safety in mind because protecting your staff and patients is the most important thing. Utilizing the latest innovations in cleaning, we implement cross-contamination elimination practices that help our clients avoid opportunities for the transmission of infectious agents throughout their offices.

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Churches & Places of Worship

Religious centers are in every community and have hundreds or thousands of people visiting weekly. Given the foot traffic, it’s vital to keep the spaces clean from germs, bacteria, dust, and dirt for the health and safety of everyone. Our professional cleaners have the right tools and knowledge to ensure your place of worship remains clean to welcome visitors with open arms. We can take care of the cleaning needs for the entire space, from top to bottom.
Empty Church Auditorium

Real Estate

We specializes in providing premium real estate cleaning services tailored for the industry. Our clients include real estate agencies, property management companies, commercial and residential property owners, real estate investors, construction projects, and property developers. We ensure that properties are impeccably cleaned and maintained to enhance their market appeal and tenant satisfaction. From pre-listing preparations to post-construction cleanups, we deliver reliable and efficient real estate cleaning services to meet the unique needs of our clientele.

Fitness Facilities

Gym environments are some of the most heavily trafficked facilities in any community. With hundreds of people walking through your doors daily, you can be sure that germs, bacteria, and dust will follow them. That’s why partnering with a cleaning service that knows the ins and outs of workout environments is a must to protect your staff and members. We always clean with health and your fitness center’s reputation in mind by disinfecting common areas, dusting to improve indoor air quality, and tidying up around all the nooks and crannies of your machines and weight racks.
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Day Through Night Cleaning has been serving clients across various industries in Nashville, Franklin, TN, and surrounding areas with tailored commercial cleaning solutions. Our team collaborates with each client to customize a program that meets their unique business needs, offering professional cleaning services, carpet and floor care by trained professionals. Explore our case studies to witness the expertise and value that Day Through Night Cleaning delivers. Contact us today to speak with a representative about our services.

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