Our Cleaning Standards​

At Day Through Night Cleaning, our commitment to cleaning standards transcends mere benchmarks—it’s a dedication to achieving pristine perfection. We hold ourselves to the highest industry norms, meticulously ensuring that every nook and cranny sparkles with unparalleled cleanliness. Your satisfaction is not just a goal; it’s our standard, and we refuse to settle for anything less than spotless excellence.

ID Badges​

Can Your Employees Quickly Tell Whether the Person in the Office at Night is from the Cleaning Company – or Not? You wouldn’t dare let strangers wander around your office during the day… So ‘why in the world’ would you let the cleaning staff be in YOUR building at night – without proper ID? Well, of course, you wouldn’t, you shouldn’t…and you don’t have to ever again.

Strong Front-Line Supervision

Are Your Current Cleaners Being Supervised by Strong, Front-Line Supervisors?
Have YOU personally experienced ANY of the following?

‘Trash & Dash’, half-hearted cleaning from bored employees who haven’t seen a supervisor – in months?
‘Not My Job!’ attitude from cleaners, roaming hallways – with little guidance or support?
‘Forced to Steer’ visitors pass poorly cleaned areas and still worry – how the restrooms will look during breaks?
‘Forced to Call’ the cleaning service to point out issues because – there’s no cleaning supervisor to spot them?

Well, there is an answer, and here’s our commitment:

We Assign Each of Our Cleaners to a Strong Front-Line Supervisor, who 1) directs the work 2) supports the staff and 3) guarantees you’re cleaned properly The truth is – getting and keeping a building clean is as much about supervision as it is about cleaning.. That’s why we implemented and follow an active-management approach, because… Better Supervision Equals Better Cleaning You’ll LOVE the IMMEDIATE benefits from our focus on supervision: Ahhh, the sweet sound of overhearing a supervisor’s ‘pre-game pep talk’ with the cleaning staff, discussing the work plan for the night. $$$… a cleaner, more productive office; you’ll notice your office looks better- because better supervision equals better cleaning… which helps make employees happier and more productive.


Same-Day Service Response Plan

“Does Your Current Cleaning Service Follow a Specific Plan for How They Respond to a Customer Request – and How Quickly? That’s really the TEST: Does your current cleaning company follow a Specific Response PROCEDURE – spelling out how they will ‘record, schedule, staff and complete’ your requests? Does your current service have a Specific Response TIME Commitment – so you can relax, knowing the work will be done right- and on time? Probably not…but they should, and with us – you can. Here’s why:

We Record Your Service Request, Prepare an Effective Service Response and Communicate Our Service Plan to YOU …on The Same Day!

That’s right, start enjoying the peace of mind of KNOWING the extra cleaning you’ve asked for will be: 1) done right and 2) on time. With our team, we review each service request and create an effective work plan, including the schedule and staff needed to complete it.

Enjoy these IMMEDIATE benefits:

1. YOU’LL NOTICE – you’ll quickly see what you need to be done – IS DONE, and not at the last minute, but in plenty of time for you to relax in advance of the VIP’s coming.
2. VIPs WILL NOTICE – important visitors are people too – and everyone appreciates when they see a lobby – that’s orderly, a conference room – that’s clean, and especially a restroom – that’s immaculate.


Want a Cleaning Service Who Actually MEASURES Cleaning? Building owners are sick and tired of having to ASSUME their office is being cleaned properly.

Many already ‘keep score’ of a variety of key metrics in their buildings – measuring everything from rents and expenses to turnover and tenant satisfaction. Why? Well, because MEASURMENT helps companies ‘get and stay‘ on track. Good news, Hi-tech ATP meters help cleaning companies ‘get and stay‘ on track … by verifying the effectiveness of cleaning procedures. Unfortunately, while powerful quality control tools like ATP meters are now readily available to cleaning businesses – most are NOT using them.

But, we do! That’s right…

We Schedule ATP Testing Testing for the Buildings We Clean

1) Identify critical, frequently-used ‘touch points’ such as counters, switches and handles
2) Measure levels of adenosine triphosphate (bio residue) on those ‘touch points’ using ATP meters
3) Re-assign supervisory time and employee training resources based on those results

The truth is – getting and keeping a building clean is as much about supervision as it is about cleaning.. That’s why we implemented and follow an active-management approach, because… Measurement IMPROVES Cleaning Effectiveness You’ll LOVE the benefits the scheduled use of ATP meters in our quality control and training programs provides… Finally, a cleaning service that MEASURES cleaning effectiveness, NOT assumes it. Finally, a cleaning service that VERIFIES, rather than OVER promising and UNDER delivering.

COVID-19 Disinfecting

Want a Cleaner, Healthier, Safer Workplace? We’re READY to Help! Things have changed. There are new health challenges – and what you need from your cleaning service has changed too. You need someone educated, trained and equipped to tackle these new challenges; to create a cleaner, healthier, safer place to work. Good news! Our team is trained and equipped on best methods for effectively disinfecting using EPA approved products for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 and the right equipment to get the job done – safely and professionally. Here’s the thing…

Disinfecting is More Than Just Spraying a Chemical… and Walking Away

That’s why we follow EPA and CDC guidelines along with manufacturer’s directions for product use. There are important procedures for effectively disinfecting, such as: Disinfecting: High touch surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned using a detergent-based cleaner and microfiber cloth. When dry, an EPA disinfectant approved for SARS-CoV-2 will be used according to manufacturer’s directions including PPE, application, dwell time and ventilation.

We’re trained and equipped to properly and safely disinfect your workplace Let us help you meet today’s new challenges. Call now, so we can carefully explain our complete disinfecting process and answer any questions you have.

You care about your people, and value the work they perform, and the important contribution they make every day to your company’s success. Taking proactive steps, like professional disinfecting, can create a cleaner, healthier, safer environment, and is appreciated by everyone – staff, customers, and visitors too.

Effective Supplies & High-Tech Equipment

Have YOU personally experienced any of the following?

noisy, screaming vacuums, blowing ‘clouds of dust’ into the air, banging into walls as they’re dragged down the hall?
stinky, sour-smelling, ‘damp from the night before’ mop heads smearing dirt and grime?
cheap yellow dusters with plastic handles simply spreading dust on desks – or worse yet, old rags – ‘contaminating’ more than cleaning’?

We Use the Latest in Effective Supplies and High-Tech Cleaning Equipment

Better equipment means better cleaning. Our top-notch supplies and high-tech gear, like ultra-efficient bac vacs and dust-grabbing microfiber cloths, ensure superior cleanliness.
Experience less noise and a cleaner office today. Give your space the ‘quiet and clean’ gift that only the best cleaning companies, equipped with the latest tools, can provide.

Uniformed Cleaning Personnel

Want to Instantly Know ‘Who’s Who’ in YOUR Office? Things have changed. There are new health challenges – and what you need from your cleaning service has changed too. You need someone educated, trained and equipped to tackle these new challenges; to create a cleaner, healthier, safer place to work.

  • Have you personally experienced ANY of the following? embarrassed, having to shuffle VIP’s around to avoid running into cleaners whose appearance is inappropriate?
  • Confused by an endless stream of new hires, often looking unprofessional, giving you no clue whether they’re ‘with the cleaning service’ – or not?
  • Frustrated by constant questions from concerned office staff – asking WHO the people in the building were last night?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s our commitment:

Our Cleaners & Managers Wear Professional Uniform Shirts

That’s right, our staff will be easy to identify and project an image of professionalism. We’ll be proud to have them report to your home or office – and you’ll be proud to have them there. Is Wearing a Uniform Important? Absolutely.


Background Checks

Tired of Worrying if Cleaners Have Been Checked-out BEFORE They Check-in?

Well, if your current cleaning company does NOT have a rigid set of
screening procedures to follow BEFORE hiring anyone to clean your office  – you may be right to be worried!

  • Does your cleaning service go beyond lip service in vetting applications and conducting thorough background checks?
  • Do we follow strict hiring procedures to find the best candidates, or is it a case of hiring anyone who shows up?
  • Does your current cleaning service insist on IN-DEPTH interviews to uncover important factors to help identify the best potential employees?

Well, We Do – and Here’s Our Commitment:

We follow a careful 3-step HR screening approach for applicants, including:
1) in-depth interviews
2) detailed vetting of applications
3) appropriate background checks
Better cleaning starts by finding the best people

Enjoy this checklist of IMMEDIATE benefits:
The days of worrying about who the virtual strangers are wandering in your office are OVER- because we do the important work of checking out each applicant before they get hired before they arrive at your office!
DELIGHT! Our job is to slow down – and carefully find, hire, and train reliable applicants who will take pride in working hard to consistently delight you and your staff.

Work LOAD-ing

The Calculated Time to Properly Clean Your Building

Selecting Customized Schedule of Tasks… for YOUR Building!

  • Detail vacuuming
  • Detail dusting using microfiber cloth
  • Emptying trash receptacle/replace liner

Using Industry Specific Production Rates… for THOSE Tasks!

  • Detail vacuuming carpeted areas; minutes/area 
  • Detail dusting high & low areas; minutes/area
  • Emptying trash/replace liner; minutes/area

Identifying and Adjusting… for KEY Factors!

  • overall size and dimensions by area
  • floor type (i.e. carpet, tile) and difficulty
  • frequency (i.e. 3x per week, 5 times per week)

Get your money’s worth EVERY week – using cleaners trained to clean for the scheduled amount of time, each visit

Work DIRECT-ing

Trained Cleaners Knowing WHAT, WHEN and HOW Cleaning Tasks Need to Be Performed.

Building Specific Task Schedules… DIRECT Nightly Cleaning

  • complete schedule of work requirements/specifications
  • clear, easy to follow format
  • conveniently posted in cleaning closet as nightly guide
  • formatted to be initialed; creating accountability

Detailed Work Tickets… DIRECT Floor Maintenance

  • carpet care; restorative, traffic lane, spot/stain removal
  • hard floor maintenance; strip/scrub/refinish/burnish
  • and more – i.e. windows, upholstery, walls

Customized Cleaning Tickets… DIRECT Training and Supervision

  • training; cleaning process, security procedures
  • safety; i.e. OSHA PPE, Employee Right to Know
  • supervision; QC follow up, supply & equipment checks

See details getting done as scheduled – using cleaners who ALWAYS have the right information when they need it

Work INSPECT-ing

Scheduled Mobile Inspections to Measure, Track & Report REAL Levels of Cleanliness

We Use: On-Site, Mobile Inspecting with Custom Format

  • areas shown and items checked reflect your facility
  • adhering to inspection schedule creates consistency
  • identifying issues early; allows for quick correction

You’ll Get: Performance Tracking and Graphic Reports


Enjoy consistently better cleaning – using a cleaning company who schedules, performs, and implements ACTION-able inspections

Work TRACK-ing

Starting at the RIGHT Time, at the RIGHT Location, and Cleaning the RIGHT Number of Hours.

Late Alert / Notification of Supervisor… tracking RIGHT Time!

  • late alert time ‘trigger’; customizable by job/project
  • alert automatically notifies the supervisor in charge
  • notification stays until satisfactorily resolved

GPS Powered Geofence Monitoring… tracking RIGHT Location!

  • building-specific geofence perimeters are set
  • GPS monitors; check-ins outside geofence trigger alert
  • supervisors can quickly investigate and respond
  • know all cleaners have safely arrived at your building

Timekeeping App Records Real-TimeData … tracking RIGHT Hours!

  • detailed timesheets; actual times, GPS status
  • Site supervisors view timesheets for their building
  • auto-refresh updates, delivers real-time data
  • ‘Click ticket’ on the timesheet shows

    work details

    See the benefits of today’s latest timekeeping software – to TRACK time, location, and hours

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